EczemaLess, a digital App to Manage Eczema

June, 2019

Polyfins Technology Inc announced the launch of EczemaLess, a digital app that helps manage Eczema. With the use of Artificial Intelligence EczemaLess claims to help patients not only manage their treatments but also understand the relationship between their triggers and flareups.

Polyfins Technology is a Silicon Valley-based start-up using Artificial Intelligence to create therapeutic apps for people living with chronic skin conditions. A web version of EczemaLess is available for free at EczemaLess

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Tibot Health App Launched in Bangladesh

March, 2019

Polyfins Technology has introduced artificial intelligence and chatbot in its health care-app which is a benchmark in the healthcare industry. Silicon Valley based startup recently announced the launch of tele dermatology service in Bangladesh, according to a news release. Tibot, is an online platform that facilitates expert dermatologists who evaluate skin problems and provide advice on recommended course of action. Click Here for More Details

Reaching the Unreached with AI

February, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be considered an option to help in the preliminary analyze of skin conditions where there is no reach of speciality doctors such as Dermatologists. The mission of “creating a way to reach the unreached”, a study presented at Dermacon International 2019 conference, Bangalore. Click Here for More Details

Tibot ai now offers Online Dermatologist opinion service for the users across the Globe

February, 2019

Another advance feature made accessible to the patients by Polyfins Technology Inc with the launch of their latest feature "Skin Specialist Opinion" service to deliver high-quality, convenient online dermatology consultation to patients. The major examination in dermatology is based on the visuals, hence online skin consultation will work extremely well with the qualified team of Skin Specialist of Polyfins. Click Here for More Details

Polyfins simplifies Online Skin Analysis by launching web version of its Skin Care analyze tool

November, 2018

Subsequent to the amazing response received for Tibot AI mobile Android and iPhone applications, which instantly analyze the skin condition, Polyfins has eased the online skin analysis for its users in 3 easy steps just by visiting their website. To make the skin analyze online possible, Tibot uses state-of-the-art deep neural networks to analyze a picture of the problem area and determine the problem similar to a trained eye of a doctor. It leverages the vast medical literature and dermatological research studies to relate the analysis of the image with the symptoms the patient experiencing. Based on this knowledge it determines the actual condition the patient is suffering from. Tibot learns from past experiences similar to a doctor who gathers and learns from the number of cases he attends, to predict the most probable condition. Click Here for More Details

D.Y. Patil University, Department of Dermatology Evaluating Artificial Intelligence to Analyze Skin

November, 2018

Artificial Intelligence in the field of Dermatology, a branch of medicine primarily focused on the evaluation and treatment of skin disorders, including hair and nails, is taking a leap to simplify skin disorder analyze. DY Patil University's Department of Dermatology is the first research facility in the country to evaluate AI tool's efficiency in an OPD clinic for skin and hair problems. Click Here for More Details

Artificial Intelligence helping treat patients in refugee camps

November, 2018

The technology industry is abuzz with the potential of revolutionary technology of Artificial Intelligence and its sub-branches of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. There is an immense potential of AI technology to disrupt many industries with efficiency improvements, at the same time there are genuine concerns voiced by many industry stalwarts on the implications of this new technology to the society in general. Click Here for More Details