Technology in Healthcare 

Technology in Healthcare

Technology is the undeniable, potential part of our life now. It is making the change and the transformation of the way and the systems of our life. It is making our life easier and simpler which we could not think a decade ago. In the case of the healthcare field, we are enjoying the maximum benefit of the technology. We are now able to monitor our depression level and stress level, heart rate or blood pressure rate on our own through the wearable or easily carryable gadgets. To get a stress-free healthy life, we depend on the technology and its innovative invention.  

There are a lot of evidence which prove the positive impacts of technology in our lives and in the healthcare field. It is improving our lifestyle and healthcare facilities day by day. It is improving the patient’s experience an also helping the healthcare organizations and professionals. The impacts of technology can be seen in different phases of healthcare services. Different types of healthcare technologies and its impacts are: 

  • The digitized health records 

The invention and use of the EHR (meaning- electronic health records) are reducing the use of paper and the hassle of storing them. Various health records are now possible to store smoothly for a long time. People are now working as a medical assistant, health information technicians, medical billing and coding personnel, an also nurses and they are working at ease only by handling the HER and with the help of it. They are inputting patient data like the vital signs of patients, weight and other test results. All of this information is recorded in a central digitized machine. Administrative personnel use the EHR system to schedule appointments, to update records with the codes of diagnosis and to submit medical needs. 

  • Increased availability of big data 

It is now easy to store and process infinite information and so, the accessibility and the availability of a big amount of data is increasing. The internet system and the intranet system improve the search system and the sharing system which make it easy to share and find certain information whenever is needed. 

The comprehensive research and analytical studies are now benefitted from the impact of the big data. The accessibility and the availability of big data are enhancing the research procedures. The researcher can evaluate, correlate and collaborate updated data with pre-existing information. Medical professionals can easily cope up with trends and stay at the top of health care technologies with the help of new innovations. They can identify any risk factors and recommend the right treatment plan and preventive measures for the patients. 

  • Improvement in the communication 

The improvement in the communication for the technological advancements, the availability of healthcare facilities has been increased. Doctors and other medical personnel are now using the technical innovations to give suggestions, prescriptions, and advice regarding different lifestyle and medicines through video chat, online conversations, and real-time meetings with patients. They can advance in their knowledge field too. In-house electronic medical records make all the data available for each and every department. This innovative communication base improves the patient’s treatment management procedures. 

  • Telemedicine in health care 

The telecommunication services in the healthcare field through telemedicine or the telehealth, the healthcare service become the more accessible. Telehealth works with the video conferencing, live chatting, and real-time conversation regarding patient’s needs. People from the rural area or from the remote area where healthcare service is not available, get the most of the advantage of this telemedicine service. For an emergency case, this helps a lot. This teleconsultation is helpful for doctors or medical professionals too. It is easy for them to practice providing their services face to face when they are still at their home or working place. This virtual teleconsultation helps to benefit the training courses and education to reach to the those who cannot easily access their education. 

  • Mobile software and applications 

The easiest access to healthcare services is possible for the innovation of mobile apps and software. It helps to improve patient’s overall experience. People can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle, and they can monitor their physical condition through it. These apps can make a regular checkup of our health. People are now able to get 24/7 medical services through these apps. Some apps provide online conversation for an emergency and also schedule the appointments with the doctors. These apps are helpful for the medical professionals too. They can access various information about diseases and drugs and other clinical things. They can also get training through these apps. 

Benefits of the technology in the healthcare  

  • The invaluable medical data are easily accessible to the clinical researchers and doctors. This helps to advance the knowledge by sharing through EHRs. This availability of the data helps to invent new drug formula and new treatment plan efficiently.  
  • For the technological inventions, quick and fast treatment and preventing diseases is now possible. in the case of viral infection or the bacterial infection, people can easily trace the infection with their gadgets or live consultation services. For the infectious diseases, the quicker patient gets treatment, the fast will be the cure. This is possible for the technical advancement. 
  • The management system and procedures become easy to maintain by the professionals. The EHRs make it easy to make and record thousands of bills and codes. 
  • Administrative workers can do more works than the previous time because they can do their work through EHRs in lesser time than paper works.  
  • Machine job makes less error than a human job. So, the accuracy has been increased to 99 to 100% level. This reduces the risk in the case of the treatments and in turn lessen the life-risk of the patients for the mistake of recording data. 
  • Many reports proved that technological advancement in recording medical data and providing medical services, reduce the expense efficiently.  
  • By helping people in getting the schedule for the doctor’s appointments and other medical services, technology saves a lot of time of the patients and also the doctors.  
  • People from rural areas can get medical services through telehealth at the great ease which was impossible at once. 

So, to get the great ease in the workflow and the low-cost facilities, technology act the main role. In our modern life, technology is the great part and we cannot think anything without it especially in healthcare services.